2020 Cache County Nominating Convention (UPDATED)

Cache County Republican Party

SAVE THE DATE The Cache County Republican Party will be holding the Nominating Convention on April 16, 2020 at Mount Logan Middle School. County Nominating Conventions are held for the purpose of casting ballots to nominate party candidates for the state legislature and county offices. Other county party business may also be conducted, such as […]

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2020 Caucus Meetings


SAVE THE DATE Caucus meetings will be held March 24, 2020 at locations across the county TBD. Caucuses are held within each voting precinct every two years to elect Precinct Leadership (Precinct Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, & Treasurer), State Delegates, and County Delegates. Find more info about delegates, precinct leaders, and caucus here: https://utgop.org/delegates/ Find […]

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Central Committee Meeting (January 2020)


Please add the next Central Committee Meeting to your calendar! January 23, 2020 Thomas Edison North Campus Registration 6-6:30 Meeting 6:30 – 8:00 Further details will follow.

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