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2018 County Convention

April 14, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm MDT

Convention 2018

What District Am I In?

The County Convention for 2018 is Saturday, April 14th from 6 PM – 9 PM at Mt. Logan Middle School, which is located at 875 N 200 E, Logan, UT 84321. Parking is limited, we encourage everyone to carpool if possible.

Meet & Greet with the Candidates from 6 PM to 7 PM in the common area. The Convention will come to order at 7 PM and is expected to adjourn at 9 PM.

Proposed Order of Business

Convention Rules

1. Be Respectful
2. Voting Rules (see pg 2)
3. Robert’s Rules of Order




      1. Call to Order, 7pm
      2. Prayer
      3. Presentation of Colors
      4. Pledge of Allegiance
      5. National Anthem
      6. Welcome from County Chair – Chris Booth




      1. Preliminary Credentials Report – County Secretary Desiree Hennessy
      2. Adoption of Rules
      3. Adoption of Order of Business
      4. Precinct Roll Call
      5. Close Credentialing
  • UTGOP Report – State Party Secretary Lisa Shepherd




      1. 1st Candidate
      2. 2nd Candidate




      1. 1st Candidate
      2. 2nd Candidate


  • Final Credentials Report – County Secretary Desiree Hennessy
  • County Council and State House 4 Races


      1. Balloting for both races




      1. U.S. Senate – 3 minutes
      2. U.S. Congressional District 1 – 3 mins
      3. UT Senate 17 – 3 mins
      4. UT House District 1 – 3 mins
      5. UT House District 3 (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation
      6. UT House District 5 (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation


  • UT House District 4 – election results


        1. 2nd round balloting (if necessary)




      1. Logan #3 – Paul Borup (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation
      2. Northeast District – Gina Worthen (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation


  • Southeast District – election results


        1. 2nd round balloting (if necessary)




      1. Sheriff – Chad Jensen (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation
      2. Clerk / Auditor – Jill Zollinger (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation
      3. Attorney – James Swink (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation
      4. Executive – Craig Buttars (2 mins) – Vote of Acclamation



VOTING RULES: As per Article 9 of our County Party By-laws

(9A) All matters to be voted upon by any committee established by these By-laws or any convention or precinct caucus shall be by majority vote of those present and authorized to vote, unless otherwise specified herein. An election vote among multiple candidates to fill more than one position that does not produce enough majority vote winners to fill the positions shall be completed either by additional rounds of voting among the remaining candidates or by ratifying the plurality vote winners by a majority vote. Voting for each office at any Central Committee meeting or county convention shall be among only the voting precincts governed or represented by that office. Voting by proxy is expressly prohibited at any meeting of any committee established herein or any convention or precinct caucus.

(9B) The County Executive Committee and Elected officials (see 6B5 for definition of Ex Officio Delegates) shall be entitled to participate in all elections and all other matters before the County Convention in the same manner as any delegate to the Convention.

(9C) Multiple balloting at the county convention or at Central Committee meetings may be done by successive ballots or by a combined instant runoff ballot or by a combination of those two methods, as determined by the Central Committee.

(9D) Any candidate for elected office who receives at least 70% of the votes cast for that office on any ballot at the county convention shall be the party’s nominee for that position. If no candidate receives that total on the final ballot, then the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes will be certified for the primary election ballot, and the primary election results will determine the party’s nominee.

(9E) Any candidate who is unopposed at the county convention must be confirmed by majority vote at the convention to be the party’s nominee for the respective office.

(6B5) Ex Officio Delegates: The County Executive Committee voting members, members of the State Republican Central Committee who represent Cache County, and Republican State and Cache County elected officials who reside in Cache County shall have ex officio delegate status to the county and state conventions, if they so desire. Ex officio delegates to the state convention are subject to ratification by the county nominating convention. Voting precinct chairmen shall have ex officio delegate status to the county convention.

Table & Booth Options

Candidates wanting the opportunity to meet with our Delegates face-to-face at the meet & greet before the Cache County Convention is called to order will need to purchase your table by Thursday, April 12th at 11:59 pm.

If you would like a table or booth, but do not wish to pay online, you MUST contact Chairman Booth via email at cboothgop@gmail.com or text at 435-554-4940 by the same deadline mentioned above in order to reserve a table.

Delegate List

Information on Candidates for Public Office

About the County Convention

The Cache County Convention is held every spring. In even-numbered years, county delegates meet at the Nominating Convention to choose candidates for local seats for the primary election. In odd-numbered years, county delegates and precinct officers meet at the Organizing Convention to choose county party leadership.

Candidates running for state and federal office often attend the County Convention to visit with state delegates and voters as well.

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April 14, 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm MDT
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Cache County Republican Party


Mount Logan Middle School
875 N. 200 East
Logan, UT 84321 United States
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