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2019 UTGOP Organizing Convention

May 4 @ 8:00 am - 8:00 pm MDT

2019 UTGOP Organizing Convention

Dear Fellow State Delegate,

I appreciate your willingness to serve in this very important capacity! Our responsibilities are extremely valuable and important to both the Cache County Republican Party and especially to the Utah Republican Party. Without your efforts to study the issues, vet the candidates and show up when called upon the work of the UTGOP and Cache GOP cannot move forward. We have all been elected and/or appointed to the position of State Delegate or Alternate State Delegate because of our neighbors’ trust and confidence that will fulfill the duties and responsibilities valiantly.

I have included links below to the Call to Convention and to each State Party Officer candidate’s website or Facebook page as listed on the UTGOP website so you can learn more about them. The Call to Convention contains everything you will need to review and study prior to this Saturday. I encourage each of us to strive to prepare ourselves so that we may fully represent Cache County admirably so we can get the work of the Party done, and get the right people elected to lead the UTGOP into the future.

Chris Booth
Cache GOP Chair

Call to Convention

Call to Convention Packet

May 4, 2019

Utah Valley University, UCCU Center
800 West University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058

UTGOP Constitution & Bylaw Committee Report

For your convenience here are the links to all three documents mentioned below:

  1. 2019 CBC Report
  2. 2019 CBC Quick Reference
  3. 2019 Organizing Convention C&B Final

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBC) “is the guardian of the Party Constitution and Bylaws.” (2019 UTGOP Bylaws, Amended 3-16-19, Section 1.3.B.) Additionally, the CBC “is responsible for reviewing the Party Constitution and Bylaws and making recommendations to the State Central Committee for changes as the need arises.” (ibid, Section 1.3.C.)

Article VI.A.3 Constitution/Bylaws Committee, “to propose changes to the Party Constitution and Bylaws.”

In Bylaws, Section 7.5.H.2., it states:
“The Constitution/Bylaws Committee shall forward those duly submitted Constitution and Bylaw amendments either to the Convention or to the State Central Committee for consideration, and shall forward those duly submitted other Rules amendments to the Convention.”


In accordance to our governing documents, the CBC met several times to discuss and to review all proposed amendments that had been received by the submission deadline.

Each main sponsor (or their designee) who could, met with the committee to discuss the purpose of the amendment proposal, and to answer questions the committee had regarding language and the stated purpose. This process took over 100 hours of combined committee members’ time.

Each amendment proposal was discussed individually, and then each present member of the committee cast a vote to forward the proposal with a favorable or unfavorable recommendation. Each committee meeting where we discussed and voted on proposals more than met the quorum requirement as is stated in our governing documents.

Our Bylaws state (7.5.H.2) that the CBC has the option of sending proposals to either the State Central Committee (SCC) or to Convention. However, since it was the wish of the Party Chair at the last Convention that ALL submitted C&B proposed amendments go forward to the State Delegates, it was determined by majority vote of the CBC to grant his same wish for transparency to the 2019 Organizing Convention. That is the reason all of the proposed amendments were sent forward to the delegates at State Organizing Convention this year, and none of them were forwarded to the SCC.

The last step of the CBC’s work was to put the proposed amendments in the order that made the best sense to us.

  • We put all of the amendments that had passed through the SCC first. They had been debated upon by the SCC, amended, and passed by a 2/3 majority vote. Putting them together helps delegates know they have been through a deliberative body, and only need a majority vote to ratify. This was also business that was re-submitted from last Convention. It was the oldest business, so we felt it should go first.
  • The new amendments from delegates come next, organized according to subject and purpose. Many of the amendments conflict with each other–so we put them together to be considered together. The delegates have several options to consider, and we felt they should be able to look at them all, and then vote accordingly.
  • CBC responsibilities and processes for working with our amendments was a priority. So, there were two amendments regarding delegates responsibilities and duties in the process: Dave Duncan (two proposals considered as one) and Helen Redd (three proposals considered as one) sponsored them.
  • Duties of SCC, Disclosure and Accountability, and quick housekeeping (B107_2019) were grouped.
  • Amendments changing SCC Quorum and Membership Requirements were grouped together.
  • Amendments changing ratification thresholds, repealing bylaws and exclusivity were grouped together.


At the request of the Party Chair, the CBC put in writing our recommendations for each of the amendment proposals. Chairman Anderson felt the time spent at Convention needed to be spent discussing the proposed amendments, not hearing a report from the CBC. The committee’s favorable or unfavorable recommendations would be available for the delegates on the documents themselves.

The final formatted Constitution and Bylaw proposals, with recommendations, and threshold requirements for ratification were forwarded to the Party Secretary, Lisa Shepherd, who then forwarded those documents on to the Party Chair and Headquarters, before the Call to Convention deadline on April 19, 2019.

Not only were recommendations given on each proposal, but as was mentioned above, an order was suggested by the committee for presenting the C&B proposals in a logical way. There are many proposals that conflict with each other. They should have been forwarded in the document were delegates could compare them side by side before voting.

None of what the State Delegates received included any of the CBC’s work except for the formatting and numbering of the documents. Additionally, all of the proposed amendments were forwarded by the CBC in one document, that would have saved time and effort for the delegates in printing and studying them.

Because you as State Delegates did not receive the information from the CBC to assist in your work of studying and vetting all of the amendment proposals, a majority of members of the committee determined a report would be sent to as many of you whose emails we could locate and post on State Delegate Facebook pages.


There are two document attached to this report.

1. The document that included the recommendations from the CBC as they were forwarded to Party Headquarters. It is one document, making it easier to print. The proposals are in the order recommended by the CBC.

2. The 2019 CBC Quick Reference Guide of the proposed amendments for Convention. It is color coded to help you see quickly which amendments received a favorable recommendation from the CBC, and which did not. All Bylaws are in green, whether they got a favorable or unfavorable recommendation.

It is unfortunate that you did not receive the full information in a timely manner with the Call to Convention. HQ had it in time to send it to you.

Please take the time to forward this email and attachments to the other State Delegates within your Counties and Precincts. Getting this out to all the delegates is really important, and the CBC appreciates your help in making that happen.


**Consider the amendment C112-C113-C114_2019 from Helen Redd**
Of all of the amendments before you as delegates, the CBC believes this one is the very most important new one. We need to get back to the business of the Party, and stop haggling over amendment proposals in both the SCC and Conventions.

  • This amendment was enthusiastically endorsed by the CBC. It will help to filter out the “too many” proposals coming before the SCC and the Convention delegates.
  • Remember, that as delegates, you have–and have always had–the ability to go to an At-large member of the SCC to sponsor amendment proposals. It works just like going to a legislator and asking him/her to sponsor a bill.
  • We believe the primary duty of the delegate is to ratify Constitution and Bylaw changes AND elect candidates for public and party office.
  • Seventy-four (74) sponsor names brought forth to you thirty (30) amendments. (Actually, if you account for duplicate sponsors, there are many fewer names.) Had this requirement been in place, the number of amendment proposals before you would have been VASTLY reduced. This proposal puts a filter in place to require significant support to each proposal. The numbers are not random. They are roughly 6% of the membership of each body: SCC and Delegates at Convention. We ask your help in fixing this problem for future SCC meetings and Conventions.
  • Our efforts need to be in energizing and building the Republican Party.

Please remember to protect your grassroots voice on the SCC.

  • Reducing the size of the SCC will only give you less of a voice, and more of a voice to elected officials.
  • Keep in mind, the SCC is the governing body of the Utah Republican Party. Consider how you would feel, as State Delegates, if you traveled all the way from across the state to attend Convention, only to find that because of a Quorum requirement, you would not be able to vote on any binding business–including candidates.
  • The CBC as a whole did not favor reducing the size of the SCC, thus reducing grassroots representation.
  • The CBC as a whole did not favor amendment proposals that infringed on the rights of Counties and how they would vote for their SCC members, nor did they feel it was right for State Delegates to infringe on Counties’ rights or County Delegates’ rights.

Remember that SCC forwarded proposals have been through a deliberative body.

  • They have been discussed and debated longer than any can be discussed and debated at any Convention.
  • They all have overwhelmingly favorable recommendations from the CBC.
  • They have all passed by the SCC with a 2/3 majority vote.
  • They are pretty straight forward.
  • We really DO need a Standing Data Software Management Committee, as one example.
  • The officer duties (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) clarify duties, using Robert’s Rules as a basis.

Thank you for your work as delegates. We, as a committee, appreciate your willingness to serve. If each of us does our part, we will have a better Republican Party, with leaders and candidates that are vetted by our wonderful delegates–both State and County.

Best wishes,

Janice Legler
UTGOP Constitution and Bylaws Committee

For your convenience here are the links to all three documents mentioned above:

  1. 2019 CBC Report
  2. 2019 CBC Quick Reference
  3. 2019 Organizing Convention C&B Final


May 4
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Utah Republican Party


Utah Valley University
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058 United States
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