2021 Municipal Elections

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Every incorporated city/town in Cache County will be holding elections for mayor & city/town council member positions. Municipal elections are non-partisan.

Special Nomination for State Treasurer

UPDATE: The State Central Committee nominated Seth Sutherland, Marlo Oaks, and Tawnee McCay in their meeting held on Saturday June 12, 2021. Governor Spencer Cox will now appoint one of the nominees to serve as Utah State Treasurer. See the round of voting below:

Round 1:

Round 2:

David Damschen, Utah State Treasurer, has announced his resignation, which will be effective May 2, 2021.

As required in Utah Code, the State Central Committee of the Utah Republican Party will select three names and forward those names to Utah Governor Spencer Cox, who will then choose one of them to fill the vacancy. The individual selected will then serve in this position until the 2022 general election, when Utah voters will select someone to serve out the remaining two years of Damschen’s term.

The selection of the three names to be forwarded to the Governor will take place at the next regularly scheduled State Central Committee meeting on June 12, 2021.

Candidates for Utah State Treasurer

Michael Green(801) 865-8183
Tawnee McCay(801) 634-7692votemccay.com
Chip Dawson(801) 330-0854
Susan Speirs(801) 725-2286susanspeirstreasurer.com
Brian Zehnder(801) 330-0380www.votebrianz.com
Phil Lyman(435) 459-2800
Cleon Butterfield(801) 556 2385cfofortreasurer.com
Chadwick Fairbanks(435) 800-9201
Marlo Oaks(385) 226-9568
Seth Sunderland(801) 350-1002sunderland4treasurer.com

Info found on the State Party’s website here.

Cache County State Central Committee members

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