Archived Election Page: 2022 Special Election

Special Election – County Assessor

Brett Robinson was sworn in as County Assessor during the Cache County Council meeting 9/27/22 (starting at min mark 04:50):

UPDATE 9/24/22: In the special election for County Assessor held today, September 24, 2022, Brett Robinson was elected by the County Central Committee to replace Kathleen Howell. Brett’s name will be submitted to the county council as the person chosen to fill the vacancy.

We will be holding a Special Election Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 9 AM at Thomas Edison North Campus (180 2600 N, North Logan, UT). Those eligible to participate in the Special Election are current members of the County Central Committee (Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs, Secretaries, Treasurers; County Part Officers/Executive Committee members; Republican Elected officials representing or residing in Cache County). County/State delegates will NOT be part of this election.

Special Election Meeting Agenda

We encourage CCC members to vet each candidate over the next week! Watch for communications from them in your email (as always, please check junk/spam folders daily) or by phone. We will see you all Saturday!

See 9/8/22 Official Press Release announcing the County Assessor vacancy/candidate filing here:

Two candidates filed to fill the vacancy of Cache County Assessor (listed in order of filing date):

Brett Robinson

Born in 1976 in the old Budge Clinic in Logan, Utah to Clair and Sylvia Robinson. He is a lifelong resident of Cache County. Alumni of North Park Elementary, Cedar Ridge, North Cache and Sky View High School. Upon returning home from a religious mission to New England Brett attended Utah State University graduating in 2002 in Finance and Economics. He married Landree Jill Lybbert in December of 2002. A daughter Libby Jill Robinson was born in 2008 and Hal Loy Robinson was born in 2016.


Upon graduation Brett worked in Financial Services for a short time before finding his passion as an Appraiser. His start came in 2005 beginning at the Cache County Assessor’s Office. Duties included measuring new homes and estimating value for the tax roll based on cost and using comparable sales of similar properties. An opportunity to become a Commercial Appraiser came in 2007 with one of our Region’s most respected appraisal firms. Appraising more complex commercial properties provided him the chance to more fully utilize his financial and economic training from Utah State University. It also provided him additional licensing beyond residential appraising. In 2010 he received a Certified General License from the State of Utah. Some of the Clients and Users of the Appraisal Reports during this time period included Banks, Estates and State and Local Government.

In late 2012 he returned to the Cache County Assessor’s office as the Commercial Appraiser on staff. As the sole Certified General Appraiser it has been his responsibility to appraise for assessment purposes the most complex properties in Cache County. Additionally, from early 2013 to the end of 2016 he served on the North Logan Planning Commission serving as the Chair for much of that time. Most recently, upon the recommendation of the retiring Kathleen Howell he was asked to serve as the Interim Assessor.


Brett Robinson believes that our United States Constitution was Divinely Inspired to protect Liberty. He also supports our State Constitution and Republican Party Platforms. He endorses the conservative principles found in our own Cache County Republican Platform. If elected, he is committed to following the law and applying it fairly and equally.

Kevin Hickman
(480) 648-6611

I moved to Cache Valley with my family in 1995 at 12 years old. I attended Cedar Ridge Middle School and Sky View High School before I decided to serve an LDS mission to Edmonton, Alberta. I moved to Mesa, Arizona after my mission and received my Associates Degree from Mesa Community College and a Bachelors in Public Administration at Northern Arizona University. I have also received my Certified Residential Appraisers License.

I have been married to my amazing wife Bethany for the past 18 years, and we have 4 children. We do everything we can to instill in our children the Conservative values of Faith, Family and Freedom, and Cache County is an amazing place to do that.

I have tried to stay involved in politics most of my life in one way or another. I believe that my educational background in Public Administration, paired with my profession as a Certified Residential appraiser, is the perfect combination for the new Cache County Assessor. I have a great knowledge of the current real estate market and am trained to manage in the public sector. Cache County needs my experience as the new Cache County Assessor.

Along with my educational background and professional experience, I believe my strongest characteristics of communication, leadership, honesty, morality, and integrity are what truly make me an ideal candidate for County Assessor. I would greatly appreciate your support. Please contact me with your questions.