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2022 Legislative Update: Fifth Week

Hello friends and neighbors, this is Dan Johnson. I am coming to you after another busy week of the 2022 Legislative Session! It is hard to believe there are only two weeks left until the end of the session. To learn more about what we accomplished during the fifth week, keep reading below.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have about the legislation that is being worked on. I always appreciate listening to your input!

Thank you,
Representative Dan Johnson
House District 4

Bill Update

I am proud to be the chief sponsor of H.B. 273, Civics Education Amendments. H.B. 273 creates the Local Innovations Civics Education Pilot Program to support local education agencies in implementing innovative approaches to civics education. I am excited to report that this week, H.B. 273 passed through the Utah House and is making great progress through the Utah Senate.

Click here to learn more about H.B. 273

Utah Highway Patrol

This week, we had the great opportunity to recognize the Utah Highway Patrol and their efforts in keeping our state and the Utah Capitol safe! I appreciate their time, dedication, and commitment to keeping Utahns and our great communities safe.


The amount of federal spending we have seen over the past couple of years has been concerning to the citizens of Utah. We are experiencing the impact that excessive spending has on inflation. At the Legislature, we are working hard to minimize the impacts of inflation and ensure that the excess revenue is spent carefully. Watch this short video to learn more.

2022 Revenue Numbers

Revenue numbers for state fiscal year (FY) 2022-23 were released this week by the Governor’s Office, Utah Senate, and House of Representatives. Utah leads the nation in economic performance and continues to exceed expectations. Although Utah’s economy is strong, there are significant factors, including federal stimulus wind down, that may dampen revenue gains. Click here to view the full report.

Expanding Transit in Our State

As we continue to experience rapid growth in Utah, one of our top priorities is preserving our quality of life. We recognize that the transportation needs in our state cannot be met by roads alone. This week, H.B. 322, Public Transit Capital Development Modifications, passed the House Transportation Committee. This new approach to building and expanding transit in the state will have generational impacts on our land, air quality, economy, and time.

Click here to learn more about H.B. 322

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