Senator Wilson 2022 Newsletters



Utah State Legislature
Dear Friends and Neighbors,  

January is not only the start of a new year, but it marks the beginning of Utah’s 45-day legislative session. During the next few months, legislators will gather to create new laws and establish budgets for essential programs and services.  

Each year, we consider hundreds of proposals for legislative action, so we must prioritize our efforts based on input from our constituents. As I review bills, I want to know your priorities and expectations for the Legislature as your opinion matters to me. I am here to represent you and our community. I am providing a link to a survey that will help me identify the issues that matter most to you. Please take my survey at the link below. It should take about ten minutes to fill out. 


I will be sending a weekly newsletter update during the session. I have also been assigned a legislative intern, Decker Robison. He will keep me organized and ensure you’re being heard. You can reach Decker at

It is an honor to represent you once again.

Stay Connected
Thank you for your support and engagement. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay in touch regarding any questions, comments, or input.
Our mailing address is:320 North State Street • Salt Lake City, Utah 84114