Archived: SCC Resolutions & State Party Statement on Critical Race Theory

SCC Resolutions & State Party Statement on Critical Race Theory

June 28, 2021 message from our state party chairman on the State Central Committee’s Resolution on CRT:

Dear Republicans,

The strength of a nation can be judged by the love of country in the hearts of those who reside within its borders. In the 245 short years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the United States has become the global leader. We are that shining city on a hill. This experiment into human freedom has created a nation, to which millions have and continue to flock to our shores.

History does not belong to us, it is not ours to revise or change to suit our purposes. We have a duty to teach history as it happened. The rises, the falls, the mistakes, and the challenges we have overcome. We as a nation should learn from our mistakes. As children, we learned of figures such as George Washington, Harriett Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr., and many more. All with their own lives, challenges, and stories. We learned about events in our nation’s history, such as slavery, The Underground Railroad, The Civil War, World War II, and the Holocaust. Learning about the atrocities of history helps prevent them from ever being repeated.

I never thought I would see the segregation and racism that occurred in the Jim Crow south in my lifetime. Separate dorms on college campuses for folks of different skin color, training on how to be “less white”, and major institutions with hiring credentials that include someone’s race. These things are happening in our country today. Racism will never be solved by more racism. This is the fundamental basis of “Critical Race Theory”. CRT is an ideology placing one race superior to another. It is utterly anti-American and should not be promulgated in American educational institutions. I would like to echo the statement of Dr. King when he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I want the same for my 4 daughters. That they are taught at home as well as in school, as the Declaration of Independence espouses, “That all men are created equal.”

As Republicans, we believe that we should not be defined by our mistakes and our shortcomings, but by our ability to overcome and learn from those mistakes. This is why we oppose the teaching of CRT in our schools and will continue to fight against the CRT agenda.

Below is a resolution ratified by the Republican State Central Committee. You can read the resolution by clicking on the CRT Resolution button. Please join us in our continued efforts to prevent CRT from being taught to our children.

Carson Jorgensen, Chairman
Utah Republican Party