Reminder: Special Election

Friday, January 29, 2021

My Fellow Republicans,

I pray this message finds you and your families well! The day is almost upon us when we will meet to decide who will lead Cache County the next two years. I appreciate your willingness to perform your civic duty your neighbors elected you to do! We have four exceptional candidates who have been vying for our attention for the last few weeks. You will have one more opportunity to vet each candidate before casting your very important ballot on Saturday.

I would like to encourage you who are supposed to be in attendance (County Central Committee members & County Delegates or appointed Alternate County Delegates) to show up as close to 9 AM as possible. Please take time to visit with each candidate in person after you are properly credentialed.

We will be following COVID precautions. Remember…”KINDNESS begins with me!”

A few delegates have reached out to me and District Chairs requesting a remote, electronic voting option similar to what we used during the 2020 County & State Nominating Conventions. We will not have a remote electronic option due to the difficulty of managing that particular balloting method. Last year was an exception due to the outbreak of a pandemic that nobody really knew much about. Our County Party Bylaws (9A) clearly state: “All matters to be voted upon by any committee established by these By-laws or any convention or precinct caucus shall be by majority vote of those present and authorized to vote, unless otherwise specified herein.”

As a friendly reminder, due to COVID precautions, only those who are to be credentialed to vote and exceptions previously determined by the County Chair will be allowed into the meeting. See y’all Saturday morning!

Yours in liberty,

Chris Booth | Cache GOP Chair