One Utah Food Drive

Helping This Holiday Season

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Did you know 511,000 of our fellow Utahns struggle with food scarcity today? The UTGOP Leadership team recently learned this fact and, frankly, we’re shocked. 2020 has been hard enough on everyone without the additional struggle of hunger.
When we heard that Governor-elect Cox has asked the Inaugural Commission to make a statewide food drive a key piece of their effort as they prepare for the Inauguration, we jumped at the chance to participate. From now until January 4th (inauguration day), we will be participating in a state-wide food drive called One Utah. What better use of our GOP countywide presence than to help our fellow man, especially since this year has been such a difficult year for so many Utah families.

The Cache GOP is excited to partner with the UTGOP and the Inaugural Commission to provide support to hundreds of thousands of hungry Utahns over the next month. The goal is to collect 615,000 pounds of food and/or $125,000 statewide. The local non-profits have told us that monetary donations go a LOT further towards helping feed families. We are asking that you send us a check (P.O. Box 43 Logan, UT 84323) or Venmo us so we can make sure 100% of your donations go directly to the Cache Community Food Pantry & Families Feeding Families. Any food collected will stay within the county will stay where they are donated. We’re reaching out to all of you because your leadership and influence can help to promote a strong spirit of service and our hope is that you will join the County Party in this effort.

If this drive is successful, we will all see these drives popping up in our local towns and municipalities. There are those among us that definitely need our help this time of year. What better way to show our love and support for our neighbors in Cache County!

The Utah Inaugural Commission Website has information regarding local food drives accepting donations. The list is fairly small right now, but with your help, we can make it grow! Across Utah, volunteers are setting up drives and spreading the word in their communities. In fact, the Cache GOP is going to partner with several area businesses around the county to gather food donations. We will provide a list as we’re able to confirm the various locations.

Smith’s Food & Drug has also approved every store in the state to be a designated location. If you coordinate with a Smith’s to host an event or leave a bin/box to collect the food from your local Smiths, let us know and we will help to promote it. We encourage all of you to be creative in your solutions. Some people are going door to door, others are setting up collection sites. Others are hosting competitions. Have fun with it!

Chris Booth | Cache GOP Chair

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