Rep. Val Potter – Happy Holidays and Farewell

Happy Holidays and Farewell

Neighbors and Friends,

It has been an honor to serve as your State Representative these past 4 years. I have worked diligently to solve problems and make things better in the State of Utah, along with being a key supporter and defender of Cache County at the state legislature. I was not re-elected in my primary race and will not be returning to the Capitol in the upcoming 2021 session. I am proud of my accomplishments as a legislator representing Cache County. I have always served with honesty and integrity, along with the dedicated effort I have shown to my constituents during my campaign and during my years of service. You should expect nothing less of your elected officials!

I have sponsored and passed 28 bills in the House of Representatives, along with co-sponsoring 50 bills. The legislation I have sponsored has cut state regulations and unnecessary state codes, improved state and local government, helped public education in increasing the number of needed special education teachers and social workers and passed laws that will improve safety and security for citizens and law enforcement employees. I have worked hard and accomplished a great deal as the House Chair of Business, Economic Development and Labor Appropriations Committee, House Chair of the Commission on Housing Affordability and as Co-Chair of the Clean Air Caucus. I feel I represented Cache County well in these positions. Even in this pandemic, we have balanced the state budget and increased the public education budget while maintaining financial reserves for the future.

I want to thank my wife, Nancy, for the support she has given me during my years of service and the months away from home and family. I will continue to serve my community, neighbors, and family in the future, as I hope each of you will as well. The COVID-19 pandemic we have suffered with this year has been hard on everyone. I have personally lost a cousin and four friends from this virus. Through it all I hope we can show gratitude for the blessings we all have in living in this great State of Utah, and specifically Cache County. We are a well-managed County and State, and we will come back from this stronger than before.

I want to wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and hope for a Happy New Year 2021.


Val Potter