Cache GOP Official 2020 Election Statement

Cache County Republicans,

We are almost finished with the 2020 election season! Yes sir, you heard me right. On Tuesday, November 3rd, I had the honor of making congratulatory phone calls to all of our local, state house, state senate, and statewide candidates. Well done Senator-Elect Chris Wilson (SD25), Representatives elect Joel Ferry (HD1), Mike Petersen (HD3), Dan Johnson (HD4), Casey Snider (HD5), Kathleen Howell (County Assessor), Craig McAllister (County Treasurer), Devron Anderson (County Recorder), Nolan Gunnell (County Council South), David Erickson (County Council North), Barbara Tidwell (County Council Logan 2), and Karl Ward (County Council Logan 1).

I also had the opportunity to chat with and congratulate Congressman-Elect Blake Moore, State Treasurer David Damschen, State Auditor John Dougall, State Attorney General Sean Reyes, and Governor-Elect Spencer Cox. We are proud to say that Republicans still hold the supermajority in Cache County! However, as I mentioned in the opening sentence; we are not done yet!

There are US Senate races that won’t be decided until after the first of the year, and in our own state of Utah the CD 4 race is still up for grabs. While the media has called the presidential election in favor of Joe Biden, we who know and believe in the rule of law understand that nothing is certified yet and there is a legitimate legal challenge to the results. Gross irregularities and wrongdoings were committed during the counting process in several key states. The media doesn’t have the legal right to determine a winner. Electoral votes will be cast on December 14th. Americans deserve free, fair, and honest elections. President Trump and his legal team have mounted a legitimate legal challenge and America deserves to see this through to the end. The future of our Constitutional Republic is at stake with this election.

President Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee, he is our nominee. He took 64.88% of the vote in Cache County. We fully support the legal fight that President Trump is now facing. We, the Cache County Republican Party fully support our nominee, our candidate, our President, Donald J. Trump!

We encourage you to make a financial contribution today to the Trump Legal Defense Fund today! We encourage you to pray for justice to prevail. We need four more years of Trump!

Chris Booth | Cache GOP Chair