Message from the Chair – Oct 12, 2020

My Fellow Conservatives,

Can you believe it? We are almost there! The finish line is now less than two weeks away!!! Like you, I have been bombarded with endless emails, texts, phone calls, Zoom calls, social media posts, etc from the candidates. I am grateful that our candidates care enough to reach out in the various ways they have. I also think that generally speaking there is some political burnout due to the current atmosphere in our country. The end is near, Election Day is just around the corner. Stay positive, stay informed, and stay engaged. Please remember that Cache County politics is NOT the same as DC politics.

Now more than ever, we as Republicans NEED to be more vocal, more resilient, and more assertive in expressing the principles and values of the Party. We should not be afraid to self-identify as a Republican. We should never back down from standing up for and defending the US Constitution, our Party Platform, or each other. We should also not fear holding our current and future elected officials accountable to the Constitution, AND our County, State, and National Republican Party platforms.

Ballots are out, some of you may have already returned yours. If you haven’t done so…Get out and vote! Your constitutional right to vote has been paid for with the precious blood spilled by men and women who proudly wear the uniform of our United States Military. There is still time to get involved in campaigns. I encourage all of us to get involved by volunteering on a campaign today. One great way to contribute is to write a letter to the editor speaking in favor of your chosen candidate. Help promote them or their events on social media. Your vote and your voice count. A Republican win in every race is a win for YOU and YOUR family. See you in victory lane on November 3rd!

Chris Booth | Cache GOP Chair

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