Joint Civility Statement

DATE: 10/12//20
Danny Beus, Cache Dems Chair; 435.232.3923;
Chris Booth, Cache GOP Chair; 435.554.4940;

Fellow Cache County Citizens,

Friends and neighbors, it is no secret that our country is more divided now than in a very long time on numerous issues. Cache County has been and should continue to be the standard for everyone else!

Recently we have seen a lot of candidates’ campaign signs being stolen from people’s homes. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s candidate of choice, but it is never okay to disrespect and/or vandalize people’s private property by taking and/or destroying signs.

Let’s continue to show everyone around us why Cache County is the best place to live. Be respectful, be civil, be kind, and most importantly be ready to exercise your constitutional right and vote for your candidates of choice when your ballot arrives in the mail this week!


Danny Beus, Cache Dems
Chris Booth, Cache Republicans