2020 Special Election: Filing Period Closed

My fellow Republicans,

The filing period has officially closed for the County Clerk/Auditor position. We have three great people who will be working to earn your vote next Saturday, September 19th at Ridgeline High School. We encourage all of the Central Committee members that were elected at the 2018 Caucuses to be in attendance and do your duty by casting a vote for one of the three individuals listed below. We encourage everyone who will be casting a vote in this election to vet each candidate thoroughly. Call them, text them, email them, and/or visit with them face to face.

For everyone’s information we are following the process outlined in our County Party bylaws. The specific bylaw that is being enforced is 8H2, “… For vacant offices with an unexpired term of two years or more, the Cache Central Committee shall select a candidate in accordance with Utah Code 20A-1-508(4),(5), and (6).” To read the bylaws in their entirety, please click the following link; Cache County GOP Bylaws.

Best of luck to our three outstanding candidates, Jess Bradfield, Kim Gardner, and Dianna Schaeffer!

As a friendly reminder, wear a mask if you feel the need to and if you don’t that’s fine too. We will be seating those who choose to wear masks on one side of the auditorium and those who choose not to wear a mask on the other side. Everyone will be asked to sit with at the minimum one seat in between them and their neighbor; preferably two seats. See y’all at 9am next Saturday, September 19th at Ridgeline High School auditorium.

Candidates for County Clerk/Auditor

Jess Bradfield 435-757-5629; jessbradfield@outlook.com
Kim Gardner 435-760-9811; clerkgardner@gmail.com
Dianna Schaeffer 435-213-0447; dschaeffer4@yahoo.com

Candidate Bios

Chris Booth | Cache GOP Chair
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See the Notice of Vacancy/Candidate Filing Period post here: https://cachegop.com/2020/09/01/press-release-midterm-vacancy-notice-cache-county-clerk/