2020 Special Election: County Clerk/Auditor Candidates

The County Central Committee, governing body for the Cache County Republican Party will hold a special election Saturday, September 19, 2020 to vote on the replacement for Jill Zollinger, who resigned effective August 31, 2020. More info here: https://cachegop.com/events/special-ccc-meeting-to-elect-a-new-county-clerk/ 

Candidate Bios

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Jess Bradfield

435-757-5629; jessbradfield@outlook.com

Jess Bradfield has worked as an HR Leader for many of the world’s top businesses, including Boeing, JBS and ThermoFisher. Jess helps businesses succeed by increasing personnel capabilities, building teams and streamlining processes. Jess earned a Master of Human Resources from USU, a Master’s in Organizational Communication from ISU and a Graduate Certificate in Agile Project Management from Villanova University. Jess will leverage his skill-sets and education to further the mission of the County Clerk’s Office.

Jess currently serves as a member of Logan’s City Council. Key initiatives that Jess has championed include voter districts for better representation, stabilizing Logan’s West Side neighborhoods and pushing for greater economic development. As demonstrated by his career and public service, Jess is a proven conservative who is ready to fulfill the duties of the Clerk and represent your voice for Cache County.

Vote Jess Bradfield for a fresh approach!

  • Streamline and Modernize Processes and systems
  • Provide In-Person Voting Options
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Expand Voter Registration Outreach

Kim Gardner

435-760-9811; clerkgardner@gmail.com

I have had the privilege of working in the Clerk/Auditor’s office for 27 years; 19 of those years as Cache County Chief Deputy Clerk.  Upon Jill Zollinger’s recent retirement, I was named interim Cache County Clerk/Auditor.

I am competent in every responsibility of the office – from elections (having received 20+ years of specialized election training from the state), licensing (business and marriage), managing the auditing aspects in our office, and clerical responsibilities for the County Council, to name a few.  I will not need on-the-job training for this job – I am qualified to provide competent and seamless service to the county.

I am a lifelong Republican and Cache Valley resident and live in Hyde Park with my husband, Dennis.  I have worked well with, and have the confidence of, the employees in our office as well as the department heads of other offices of the county, including the finance department.

I have loved working in this office, serving the people of Cache County.  It would be an honor for me to continue that service as Cache County Clerk/Auditor. 

Dianna Schaeffer

435-213-0447; dschaeffer4@yahoo.com

Dianna Schaeffer, a Cache County native and Chief Deputy Auditor with the Cache County Clerk/Auditor’s office is an excellent candidate for the position of Cache County Clerk/Auditor.

Dianna has served effectively in the County Auditor’s office and then in the Clerk/Auditor’s office for over 11 years. Her first five years were spent as an Accountant/Deputy Auditor under Tamra Stones. Subsequently, she served over six years as a Chief Deputy Auditor following the combination of the Clerk/Auditor offices. 

Dianna Schaeffer brings excellent credentials to this position, with degrees from Utah State University in Accounting, Business Information Systems, and Business Administration. 

She has worked in our community as a business administrator, a project manager, a small business owner, and an internal auditor. She is also certified by the Utah State Archives as a Records Officer.

She felt compelled to run for the position of Clerk/Auditor for her teammates, for her community, and for the integrity of the office. Her vision for the office and the county is to move forward seamlessly using the team management approach, and implement technology to improve community interfaces.

The Clerk/Auditor’s duties require overseeing both the Auditor and the Clerk departments. She understands the substance and the requirements of both departments, the significance of valuing your team, the importance of collaborating with other government officials at the local and state level, and the essential duty of serving the public. 

Dianna Schaeffer is a self motivated, detail oriented, analytical problem solver known for being forthright, helpful, reliable, considerate, conscientious and willing to work the long hours needed to fulfill the duties of this position. 

She is committed to teamwork, accountability, objectivity, compliance with the law, government transparency, limited and efficient government, conservation of county resources, fiscal responsibility, and balanced budgets.

She feels confident that her education and experience have provided her with the skills necessary to effectively carry out the responsibilities of this position.  Her technical abilities, understanding of law, office skills, and personality traits all make her a strong fit. 

There are many qualified clerk staff in the office, but she is the only individual qualified to carry out the duties of the Auditor. She will work tirelessly with the existing election staff and undergo all training required by the Utah State Lieutenant Governor’s office to also become a credentialed election official. 

She hopes to earn your vote based on her qualifications, her record of public service in the position of Chief Deputy Auditor, and the endorsement of long-time Auditor Tamra Stones.