Representative Johnson: Week 2 Update

Checking In At The Legislature: 2020 Session Week 2

Hello friends and neighbors, week two of the 2020 Legislative Session has come to an end. It was a very productive week, and I am proud to be working on such important issues.  For a quick update of a few noteworthy events, take a look below! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Thank you,
Representative Dan Johnson
House District 4

Educators On The Hill Day And Education Caucus

Two great things happened Friday.  First, it was Educators on the Hill Day.  I met with teachers to thank them for their outstanding work.  Secondly, I met with the Education Caucus to help legislators get a better understanding of important issues surrounding education.  Nearly half of the state budget is spent on education, and there has never been an Education Caucus at the State Legislature.   I am proud to let you know that I serve as a co-chair along with Senator Riebe for this very important new caucus.

Meeting With City Officials

Last week I met with city officials at their state conference. I am so thankful for mayors and members of city councils who dedicate their time to improve lives at the local level.

Meeting With Advocates

I met with Fire Chief Brad Hannig, Victoria Ashby from the Utah League of Cities and Towns, Lincoln Shultz from the Utah Association of Counties, Representative Casey Snider, Dave Spatafore from the Fire Chiefs Associations, and Commissioner Darrin Bushman. We discussed the details of HB190, Local Government Cooperations Contracts. When working on a bill, I want to ensure I hear from all different perspectives. I encourage you to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns about any legislation.

Education Committee

One of the committees I serve on is the Education Committee. I believe I can provide valuable insight using my background in education.  Working and fighting for education in the state of Utah has always been a passion of mine.

Congressional Delegation

This week, the legislature was visited for the final time by Congressman Rob Bishop. Congressman Bishop visited our Caucus to answer questions and visit with members. On Thursday, Mitt Romney met with our Majority Leadership team following his vote to impeach President Donald Trump on Article I. Senator Romney will be coming back to address our entire caucus later this month.

Caucus Agenda And Insulin Prices

During caucus on Tuesday, we discussed the rise of insulin pricing and its growing effects on Utahns. Insulin prices have skyrocketed, leaving many without this lifeline. The Legislature is working to combat this issue and find a solution that will keep Utahns happy and healthy. We also discussed the State School Board and the idea of creating a commemorative flag to celebrate Utah’s 125th anniversary. Members from NCSL and CSG also visited the caucus.