Legislature How-to’s


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How Utah Bills Become Law:

All bills go through this process, until the last couple days of the session when rules can be suspended to move more bills through before time runs out at the end of the 45 day session.

Keep this process in mind as you are tracking bills.

For more details, click here: https://le.utah.gov/lrgc/billtolaw.pdf

How to Find Your Legislators:

  • Go to le.utah.gov
  • Click “My Legislators” (bottom right corner)
  • Type your address, or click “Use My Location” or “View Map”
  • You can also view the full Roster in both the House and the Senate by going to “Legislators” at the top of the website & clicking “Roster”.

How to Find Bills:

  • Find bills at: le.utah.gov
  • Click on “Resources”
  • Click on “Bill Requests”
  • Search by the bill sponsor (Senator/Representative); or, search by Subject
  • Pick a bill that interests you & start reading!

How to Read Bills:

  • Language with no formatting is EXISTING LAW included in the bill for context
  • Language that is underlined is being ADDED to existing law
  • Language that is struck through is being DELETED from existing law

How to Track Bills:

  • Go to le.utah.gov
  • Click “Resources”
  • Click “Bill Tracking”
  • Follow the steps to Create a New Account or Login
  • Once you are on your Tracking page, click “Bills by Legislator, Subject, Subject, or Committee” to find bills to track.
  • Search for bills by Bill Sponsor or by Subject.
  • Click the checkbox next to the bill you want to track, or click the link to view the bill, then click “Track This” on the right-hand side.

How to Access Your Tracking Page & How To Use It:

  • Go to le.utah.gov
  • Click “Resources”
  • Click “Bill Tracking”
  • Login, if needed
  • Look for notifications in green to find which bills will be heard in committee
  • Notifications in red show bills currently on the Reading Calendars waiting for a vote on the Floor
  • #’s in (purple) indicate place on agenda/list
  • Turn on email notifications for any bill by clicking the email icon to the left of the bill. You will be notified each time the bill’s status changes.
  • Click the “Committees” tab to

How to Check Votes & Listen to Past Debates on Bills:

  • Go to: le.utah.gov
  • Find the bill (see above for instructions, or type the bill # or keyword in the search bar)
  • Click on the bill to view it, click the “Status” tab
  • Click on the votes to view them
  • Click on the “Hearings/Debates” tab to listen to the debate

How to Watch Floor Debates:

  • Go to: le.utah.gov
  • Click “Resources”
  • Click “Floor/Reading Calendars” (you can also click “Now Playing (Live Streams)” in the Quick Links section to watch the video only)
  • To view the LIVE video of the debate, click the + symbol next to “Video” underneath the House or the Senate.
  • To find out what bills are being debated & follow along, the most important screens to keep expanded are:
    • House side: “3rd Reading” & “Senate bills”
    • Senate side: “2nd Reading” & “3rd Reading”
  • “Voting Board” shows you in real time the votes of each member of the body. While voting is taking place, you will see the name of each rep/senator turn green (for a yes vote) or red (for a no vote)
  • “Consent” & “Concurrence” are only used if a bill is changed in the other house & the changes must be approved before the bill can pass
  • “Time Certain” is when a bill will be debated at an exact time during the day. All other business will be put aside while that bill is debated

How to Watch Committees:

  • Go to: le.utah.gov
  • Click “Committees”
  • Click “Standing”
  • Find the committee; or, click “Now Playing” to listen to LIVE committee hearings
  • Check meeting date/time/agenda Listen to LIVE meetings
  • Click “Members” tab for member contact info

How to Testify in Committee:

  • Prepare a 2-3 minute speech ahead of time, but be prepared to shorten it to 1 min. Address specifics in the bill you support or oppose.
  • During the meeting, public comment is taken after the bill has been presented & before the committee votes. The Committee Chair will announce the rules for the public comment period.
  • When it is your turn to testify, state your name & who you represent (an organization, if applicable, or say “I am speaking on behalf of myself”).
  • Be courteous. Be to the point. Ask the committee to vote in favor or to oppose the bill. Thank the committee members.

How to Find New Bills:

New bills are continually being numbered during the session. Keep checking to find new bills to track.

  • Find new bills at: le.utah.gov
  • Click on “Resources”
  • Click on “New Bills”