Message from the Chair regarding the Controversial Tax Bill

More Information on the Tax Bill

My fellow Republicans,

As you know, our legislature passed a controversial tax bill last week during a special session. I took a position against the bill and expressed my opposition on behalf of the County Party. That being said, I would encourage you to inquire of your legislators and research the issues to form your own thoughts and opinions. Our elected officials work very hard on our behalf and they cannot be everywhere and/or talk to everyone all the time. Thus, we as the County Party are doing our level best to be the connection to them. Instead of taking to the keyboards of social media, I would ask you to pick up the phone and call your legislators and talk to them about your concerns and/or praise for the new tax bill. You can find there contact information below.

I am honored to serve as your Chair of the County Republican Party and appreciate all you do to keep Cache County conservative.

Chris Booth

Legislator Contact Info:

  • Rep. Joel Ferry 435-465-8887;
  • Rep. Val Potter 435-757-9834;
  • Rep. Dan Johnson 435-770-7051;
  • Rep. Casey Snider 435-890-3383;
  • Sen. Scott Sandall 435-279-7551;
  • Sen. Lyle Hillyard 435-757-0194;