2018 Republican Candidates

Countdown to the Election! November 6, 2018

Federal Candidates

U.S. House District 1: Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop

Congressman Rob Bishop spent 28 years as a high school teacher in Utah, focusing on American History and Government. He is happily married to Jeralynn Hansen Bishop. They have five children, six grandchildren and reside in Brigham City. Rob served 16 years in the state legislature, including as Majority Leader and as the unanimously-elected Speaker of the House. He also served two terms as State Chairman of the Utah Republican Party. He is the co-founder of the Western States Coalition and past Chair of the Congressional Western Caucus. Additionally, he co-founded the 10th Amendment Task Force in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Congressman Bishop has maintained his commitment since being elected, that Washington D.C. wouldn’t change him. He’s still a high school teacher serving Utah. As a senior member of the House Armed Service’s Committee, he’s in a strong position to support Hill Air Force Base and its civilian employees.
As Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, he guarantees Utah’s voice is heard in public land management. Furthermore, Rob is seen nationally as a leader in Congress. Speaker Ryan picked him to lead the fight to move power from executive branch bureaucrats to Congress and the states, so the people’s voice is heard. Rob truly is a Utah conservative who reflects the values of the 1st Congressional District and is in the right place to take Utah solutions to Washington.

U.S. Senate: Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

He was the 2012 Republican nominee for President of the United States. He was also a candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination and served as the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 2003 through 2007.

Prior to his time as Governor, he led the 2002 Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics and, with a team of volunteers and managers, helped turn the struggling Games into a Utah success story.

Romney was the co-founder of Bain Capital, a leading investment company, and the turnaround CEO of Bain & Company, an international management consulting firm. Romney currently serves in both corporate and charitable organizations including Marriott International, Solamere Capital, CharityVision of Salt Lake City and the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Research.Romney earned his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and his JD and MBA from Harvard University. He is the proud husband to Ann Romney, father to five sons, and grandfather to twenty-four grandchildren. He and Ann reside in Holladay, Utah and celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary this year.

State Candidates

Utah House District 5: Casey Snider

Casey Snider

“I was fortunate enough to grow up in agriculture. In grade school when my classmates were still asleep, I was milking cows or working on the farm. The principles of honest effort, faithful commitment, and a strong work ethic were instilled in me by this community. To this day, I operate a 300-acre farm on the north end of the valley. I’ve also worked in the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, and in various other capacities at the national, state, and local levels of government. I’ve learned that successful leadership means doing the right thing for the right reasons. I promise to do that for this community.”

Utah House District 1: Joel Ferry

Joel Ferry

“As a fifth-generation farmer and rancher, I have a deep love for our community and the values that make this a wonderful place to live and work. I support common sense conservative principles of individual liberty, limited government, and private property rights. Our state and county are poised to grow rapidly over the next few decades and we will face many challenges. I will represent Northern Utah and help find solutions to our education, transportation, healthcare, and public lands needs. It is our opportunity to elect someone who understands our unique issues. I believe I am that person and ask for your vote.”

Utah House District 3: Val Potter

Val Potter

“I have enjoyed serving the citizens of Cache County in the State Legislature these past two years. I feel I have taken on some important legislation that will positively impact the citizens of the state. My experience as a Cache County Council Member and North Logan City Mayor and Council Member has helped prepare me for balancing our state budget and making important decisions that will impact our future as a state. I will continue to do that and take on issues that matter to Cache County and the State of Utah. I look forward to your continued support in this election. Please fill out your ballot and cast your vote!”

Utah House District 4: Dan N. Johnson

Dan N. Johnson

“I was raised on a farm where I learned the value of hard work, cooperation, and collaboration. Through this early life experience, it became apparent to me that education provided individuals with the knowledge and skills they would need to live independent lives. I will use my ability to work with diverse groups in solving complex problems as I serve you in House District 4. I would appreciate your vote.”

Utah Senate District 17: Scott Sandall

Scott Sandall

“As we grow, we need to remember that conservative principles have led us to prosperity. Future challenges will always come, but we can’t forget who we are or what we stand for as a state. With my history, serving in the Utah House of Representatives and the Utah Farm Bureau State Board of Directors, I believe that I’ll be able to build upon the legacy of hard work and prosperity in this part of Utah. I would be a privilege to represent the interests of you and your family in the Utah Senate. I humbly ask for your support in my election.”

Cache County Candidates

County Executive: Craig Buttars

Craig Buttars

“I love Cache County. It is home to some of the best people in this world. My pledge is to improve lives by serving the people and families of this county to the best of my ability. I believe that I have the experience and commitment necessary to do just that. I look forward to working alongside each of you!”

County Sheriff: D. Chad Jensen

Chad Jensen

“It is an honor and privilege to be your Republican Nominee for Cache County Sheriff. My goals align with what I pledged to you four years ago: fiscal responsibility, maximizing resources, transparency, always striving to improve agency morale and retention, and working to keep Cache Valley the safest place to live. To those efforts, budgets have been streamlined and relationships have been rebuilt and strengthened within the community, partnering agencies, and with the county executive and county council. I am humbled and grateful for your trust and for the support you continue to show the Cache County Sheriff’s Office.”

County Attorney: James Swink

James Swink

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Cache County as their attorney for the last eight years. I will continue to work diligently to defend the constitutional rights of our citizens and do all I can to protect our citizens and the great county we live in. I ask for your continued support in the upcoming election and solicit your input at any time.”

County Council, Logan #3 District: Paul R. Borup

Paul R. Borup

“I believe the bedrock values of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise are the foundation upon which this Nation was built. Cache County is a shining example of those values and one of the most special places in America. No matter how many times I drive out of Sardine Canyon and take in the view of Cache Valley, I’m always filled with gratitude that I’m able to live in such a beautiful place and among such great people. I’m committed to the principles in the Cache Republican Platform and humbly ask for your vote and support.”

County Council, Southeast District: Gordon A. Zilles

Gordon A. Zilles

“America is still the land of opportunity and freedom! The choices we make are in direct proportion to our freedom as American citizens and this freedom is worth preserving and defending. America should continue to reward honesty, integrity, morals, values, and a strong work ethic as paths to success. These characteristics, as defined by God, are my guiding principles.”

County Council, Northeast District: Gina Worthen

Gina Worthen

“It has been a privilege to represent you on the Cache County Council. My continued commitment is to serve you by carefully studying county issues, protecting your rights, and listening to your concerns.My goals include transparency, outreach, encouraging business and job growth, and wisely managing taxes. A sincere thank you for your trust and support. With your vote, I will continue to be your voice on the Cache County Council.”

County Clerk/Auditor: Jill N. Zollinger

Jill N. Zollinger

“I have worked in the Clerk/Auditor’s office for the past 28 years, and I am committed to courteous, efficient and effective customer service to all who need the various services this office provides. My experience is essential, in providing professional service and accurate information to the public. I love the citizens of Cache County and I am excited to serve them for the next 4 years.”

Non-Partisan Races

This election cycle, non-partisan races include State, County, and Logan School Board; Water District Board; Judicial; and Municipal elections. More information on these races and the candidates running to fill those positions can be found at the Cache County Clerk/Auditor’s website.

We encourage Republicans to research these candidates with the Planks of the Republican Party Platform in mind to ensure the candidates who will support, uphold, and defend your values are reflected in your vote.