2018 Republican Candidates

Countdown to the Election! November 6, 2018

Federal Candidates

U.S. House District 1: Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop

U.S. Senate: Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

State Candidates

Utah House District 5: Casey Snider

Casey Snider

Utah House District 1: Joel Ferry

Joel Ferry

Utah House District 3: Val Potter

Val Potter

Utah House District 4: Dan N. Johnson

Dan N. Johnson

Utah Senate District 17: Scott Sandall

Scott Sandall

Cache County Candidates

County Executive: Craig Buttars

Craig Buttars

County Sheriff: D. Chad Jensen

Chad Jensen

County Attorney: James Swink

James Swink

County Council, Logan #3 District: Paul R. Borup

Paul R. Borup

County Council, Southeast District: Gordon A. Zilles

Gordon A. Zilles

County Council, Northeast District: Gina Worthen

Gina Worthen

County Clerk/Auditor: Jill N. Zollinger

Jill N. Zollinger

Non-Partisan Races

This election cycle, non-partisan races include State, County, and Logan School Board; Water District Board; Judicial; and Municipal elections. More information on these races and the candidates running to fill those positions can be found at the Cache County Clerk/Auditor’s website.

We encourage Republicans to research these candidates with the Planks of the Republican Party Platform in mind to ensure the candidates who will support, uphold, and defend your values are reflected in your vote.