Meet your newly elected Cache County Council Members

Two new Republicans will be sworn in in January as the newest members of the Cache County Council. Barbara Tidwell, will replace Kathy Robison in Logan Seat #2.  Karl Ward will replace Cory Yeates in Logan Seat #1.

Barbara Tidwell

Barbara Tidwell with husband Gary.

My name is Barbara Tidwell. I have been married to Gary B. Tidwell for nearly 45 years. I retired from the banking industry after 32 years of employment.

I look forward to serving on the Cache County Council as I want to take the opportunity to give back to my community. I want to make well informed decisions and keep in touch with the people in the county. I also would like to encourage others to become involved in this great democratic system that we are so blessed to have in our lives.
Contact Barbara Tidwell: 435-753-1921 ; Email



Karl Ward

Karl Ward

In this time of national and political turmoil, one of the most important things we can do as locally elected officials is to work to ensure that our communities are as sound and stable as possible. I have tried to use this mantra as I served on the Logan City Council and on the Logan City Planning Commission.

I look forward to working on the Cache County Council and helping us in Cache County avoid the pitfalls often experienced when some organizations of government overspend, overreach, and over control.

Working as a commercial banker and as an adjunct business professor, I understand the importance of sound financial management. Property taxes are increasing and I heard of an elderly lady who has put her house up for sale because the taxes keep going up. Sometimes we don’t realized that $10 or $20 extra expense per month is a hardship for some, especially those on fixed incomes. I want to try and find ways to fund the needed infrastructure projects in ways that don’t unfairly burden our citizens. I am very excited to serve those who elected me. Thank you – Karl Ward.

Contact Karl Ward: 435-752-8720; Email