Chair’s Message: Where I Stand on the Donald Trump Issue

Boyd Pugmire 2016Dear Cache County Republicans,

I feel that after the shocking news we received this weekend concerning our party’s presidential nominee, you have a right to know where I, as you party chair, stand on the issue of Donald Trump.

I have supported the GOP’s nominee since the party chose him. Personally, as a husband and father, I’m very disappointed in the statements he made 11 years ago, as well as his past behavior and actions. I also know people can change and that all of us have things in our past we wish we had never said or done.

I am a realist, and I believe that there are only two real possible outcomes for the 2016 Presidential race. I still feel that the things Hillary Clinton represents are much worse than Trump’s 11-year-old interview. She supports abortion, Obamacare, extreme gun laws, as well as expanding the federal government’s control over state’s and individual’s rights.

Above all, I do not trust Hillary Clinton. Just a few examples are her lies concerning Benghazi, her lies and the security issues concerning her emails, and her lies to protect and enable her husband for political gain while he was doing the same things Donald Trump talked about doing.

I am also still very concerned about this election cycle and how it affects the future of the United States. I am concerned about who our next Supreme Court Justice will be. I am concerned about the protection of our First and Second Amendment rights, if Clinton is elected.

I am asking each of you to look deep into your soul and ask yourself who will point America in the right direction: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I’ve looked into my soul and that is why I will still be voting for Donald Trump for President in 2016.

I ask each of you to please pray for our country, that God may once again bless the United States of America.

Boyd Pugmire
Cache County Republican Party Chair