Results of County Fair Straw Poll

The Cache County Republican Party conducted an informal, non-scientific straw poll during the Cache County Fair  Aug. 11-13. Participation in the poll was open to people of any political affiliation and garnered hundreds of responses.

Results were as follows:

1.  Are you going to vote in the upcoming general election?

YES – 94%

NO – 6%

2. Who are you supporting for President in 2016?

Donald Trump – 56%

Hillary Clinton – 7%

Other – 37%

3. Do you feel there should be a dual path available for candidates to advance to the primary election? (caucus/convention and signature gathering)

YES – 85%

NO – 15%

4. Do you feel that if more conservative candidates were elected to the school board there would be fewer tax increases?

YES – 66%

NO – 34%

5. What should be Cache County’s highest priority? (Rank 1-5)

1 – Road construction and maintenance

2 – Water Conservancy District

3 – Citizen representation on valley and community growth planning

4 – Manage county growth in government through department efficiency

5 – Manage last resort justification for tax increases
Cache County Republican Party Chair Boyd Pugmire said, “We were very pleased with the participation in the straw poll at the Fair. It’s important for us and our elected officials to know what’s on the mind of our residents, and informal polls like this help us to gain a better understanding of that.”