Party to fill Executive Committee positions in October

The resignation in June of two members of the Cache Executive Committee has left vacancies in a co-chair position in both Legislative Districts 4 and 5.

At their Fall meeting on October 5 , the Cache Central Committee will select two interim replacements to fill the remainder of the terms which expire in the Spring of 2017.

Those interested in filling the seats (you must live in the district) must send a letter of  intent to County Chair Boyd Pugmire no later than 5 p.m. Oct. 4, 2016.  He can be emailed at

The Cache Central Committee meets at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016 in the Historic County Courthouse, 199 N. Main, Logan.

Legislative District 4 roughly covers Logan City; Legislative District 5 roughly covers the South end of Cache County (Hyrum, Wellsville, Providence, Paradise, etc.). If you are not sure which District you live in, check the state voter website. Make sure you select “State House”  to find your District. See below for precincts listed for each district.

Although the bylaws authorize the County Chair to fill the vacancy until the Central Committee can vote on a replacement, the Cache Executive Committee voted July 6 to wait until the Central Committee meeting to fill the seats. The Executive Committee felt that filling the seats beforehand could give an unfair advantage.

Here are the corresponding bylaws and information on duties:

• Cache County Republican Party by-laws

(8D) In the event of any such vacancy in the office of County Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, or Legislative District Co-Chairman, the County Central Committee shall meet within one hundred twenty (120) days after the vacancy occurs, or the next County Convention shall meet, whichever is sooner, upon no less than ten (10) days prior notice, for the purpose of electing a successor. In the interim, the County Chairman is authorized to fill any such vacancy on a temporary basis, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee.

(8G) The appointment of a successor to any vacancy shall be limited to the remainder of his/her predecessor’s unexpired term.

• Duties of Legislative Co-Chair are:

Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings, attend County Central Committee meetings and assist as needed, attend and assist at County Conventions, Participate at County and State Conventions as a delegate. Assist with parades, fair booth. Support and help Republican nominees. Support Precinct leaderships in achieving and meeting their responsibilities, assist in fund raising activities, and assist party leaders on Caucus night. Help and support party leadership with other issues as needed.

• Requirements:

  • Requirements to run include being a registered Republican, U.S. Citizen, 18 years of age, and living within the respective legislative district.
  • District 4 precincts include: LOG01, LOG02, LOG03, LOG04, LOG05, LOG06, LOG07, LOG08, LOG09, LOG10, LOG11, LOG12, LOG13, LOG14, LOG15, LOG16, LOG18, LOG19, LOG20, LOG21, LOG22, LOG23, LOG24, LOG26, LOG28, LOG29, LOG33
  • District 5 precincts include: CY, HYR01, HYR02, HYR03, HYR04, HYR05, LOG27, LOG32, LOG33.5, MEN02, MIL17, MIL25, NIB01, NIB03, NIB17, NIB25, PAR, PRO01, PRO02, PRO03, PRO04, PRO05, RVH01, RVH02, WEL01, WEL02, WEL03, WEL04