Countdown to the General Election

Message from the Chair

My fellow Cache County Republicans,

I hope and pray that you and your families are doing well in these crazy and tumultuous times! I encourage all of us to look to our faith, and our conservative principles and values for guidance and assurance that things will work out as they are designed to do. From COVID-19 to peaceful protests to unlawful riots and looting there is chaos all around us, and now is not the time for us to sit on the sidelines and watch. We must engage in the processes that will be bring about the change and reforms that are needed in the policies and legislation that govern our country, state, and county.

I invite you to participate in the first step by filling out and return the Primary ballot you will receive in the mail in the coming days. As we vote to elect those who will represent us for the next 2 to 4 years, I plead with each of you to carefully, thoughtfully, and prayerfully to consider each candidate. Do his/her values align with yours? Does his/her record show they will stay the conservative course when faced with the decision to vote yay or nay? Will they listen to you when it comes to matters that are important to you as an individual and for your family? If you have not had the opportunity to vet each candidate yet, please do so before you cast your vote. You have one voice and one vote. Use it wisely!

Sincerely yours,

Chris Booth | Cache GOP Chair

Find Election/Candidate info for the candidates here.

Lincoln Day Dinner

UPDATE: Postponed to August 29,2020

The Cache County Republican Party’s primary fundraiser for 2020! This year’s event features Jennie Taylor as the Keynote Speaker with entertainment provided by local artists and musicians. We are pleased that you have decided to join us for this fun and eventful evening.

CANDIDATES: Please understand there will not be speaking time for anyone running for public office. We have reserved a separate room where you may purchase table/booth space and set up to meet with guests during the reception and immediately following the conclusion of the dinner.

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