Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee serve for a two-year term and are elected in odd-numbered years at the County Organizing Convention. For information on duties, please go to Leadership Duties.

Executive Committee

Interim Chair

Dale Buxton

Vice Chair

Mark Hurd, (435) 890-9956


Desiree Hennessy


Teresa Jewkes

Legislative District Co-Chairs

District 1

Dale Buxton, (435) 258-5071
Natalie Levi, (801) 682-3568

District 3

Chris Booth, (435) 554-4940
Lyndsay Peterson

District 4

Lee Edwards, (435) 757-2105
Seth Humphries

District 5

Geoff Cox
Ladd Kennington, (435) 760-5346

Cache Republican Women


Barbara Tidwell, (435) 757-3524

Utah State University College Republicans


Kevin Hill, (720) 413-5757