Caucus FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Caucus

• What is a Neighborhood Precinct Caucus?

A caucus is a meeting sponsored by political parties where you and your neighbors from your voting precinct meet together once every two years (even-numbered years) to elect a few of your fellow neighbors as delegates to represent your voting precinct at the political party’s convention where candidates are chosen.

• Who Can Participate in a Neighborhood Precinct Caucus?

Anyone can attend a caucus meeting, however, in order to participate (vote and run for office) in your neighborhood caucus you must live in the precinct, be at least 18 years of age by the general election date in November of that year, and already be a registered Republican or affiliate that night as a Republican.


• What Happens at a Neighborhood Precinct Caucus and How Long Does it last?

Members of each precinct vote for Precinct Officers, County Delegates, State Delegates, read the Party’s platform, discuss and learn about the Party’s candidates. The caucus starts at 7pm and usually last about 2 hours.


• What Do Delegates and Precinct Officers Do?

Delegates represent their precinct at county and state party conventions where they vote for candidates who will go on to public primary or general elections. Precinct officers represent their precinct on the governing body of the political party and work to get Republican candidates elected.


• Where Is My Neighborhood Precinct Caucus?

Your neighborhood caucus is usually held at a school or building with larger rooms. Locations are posted online as caucus nears.

• How Do I Find My Precinct?

Go to the website of the Cache County Clerk and download the map of your town. Find your address on the map, and you will be able to see your precinct.

• Do I need to Bring I.D. to my Caucus Meeting?

Yes, please bring your state-issued voter identification to be able to check in at caucus.

• Do I need to be registered as a Republican to Attend Caucus?

Yes, to be able to vote, run for office and participate in caucus you need to be registered to vote as a Republican. You may come to caucus and observe without registering, but you may only observe and not participate.

• Can I Register at Caucus Meeting?

Yes, you may register to vote or register as a Republican at your caucus meeting. Paperwork will be available.