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Chair’s Message: Time to Unite Behind Trump

Boyd Pugmire 2016
Chair Boyd Pugmire

Dear Cache County Republicans:

I feel it is time to address the party concerning the upcoming election. I know that many of you are hesitant in supporting our nominee, Donald Trump. I understand that many of you were hoping for a different nominee; well, that didn’t happen. It’s now time to move on and unite as a party with our nominee. Saying that you can’t support Donald Trump because of his actions and the things he says is understandable, but would you rather support the actions of Hillary Clinton? If we as a party don’t unite and support our nominee, we as citizens will be dealing with Hillary’s actions possibly for several decades.

Too much is at stake this election cycle to hand over the White House to someone like Hillary Clinton. Who will pick our next Supreme Court justice? What about the Second Amendment? Who would Hillary be loyal to, the citizens of the United States or the foreign powers she received campaign contributions from?

Many people say that Donald Trump isn’t politically correct; that’s true. But maybe it’s time for us to not be so politically correct. We have all seen how much good that’s done the past forty years. Maybe we should be using our First Amendment rights and speak up and stand for what we believe in. I don’t think we need to purposely try to hurt or disrespect others, but should they be able to hurt and disrespect us in their attempt to destroy this great nation? It’s now time to take our country back from those who have chosen to take our God given freedoms away. It’s not too late. We just need to unite and get the job done.

Boyd Pugmire
Cache County Republican Party Chair