2018 Lincoln Day Dinner

Please join us for the 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner, to be held 7pm Tuesday, 14 February 2018, at The Riverwoods Conference Center.

Pricing is anticipated to be similar to last year’s event. Tickets and tables will be available to pre-order, and (unless sold-out) also available at the door.

The program of events, keynote speaker, and other details may be found here as information becomes available.

Party Officers

  • Chair: Casey Snider
  • Vice Chair: Mark Hurd
  • Secretary: Desiree Hennessy
  • Treasurer: Teresa Jewkes

Legislative District Co-Chairs

  • District 1: Dale Buxton & Natalie Levi
  • District 3: Chris Booth & Lyndsay Peterson
  • District 4: Lee Edwards & Seth Humphries
  • District 5: Geoff Cox & Ladd Kennington

State Central Committee

  1. Gina Worthen
  2. Boyd Pugmire
  3. Layne Beck
  4. Lyle Hillyard
  5. Val Potter

At the request of the State Party, a vote of affirmation of our Ex-Officio State Delegates was held, which passed.

All are two-year terms. For information on duties, please go to Leadership Duties.