Convention Results

Neighbors, thank you all for your participation at your local Caucus! Delegates, thank you for taking the time to attend your Conventions!


SeatCandidateVote %Convention Result
US SenateMike Kennedy50.88%Promoted to Primary
Mitt Romney49.12%
US House 1Rob Bishop68.05%Republican Nominee
Chadwick Fairbanks31.95%
Utah House 1Joel Ferry63%Republican Nominee
Kris Udy37% 
Utah House 3Val PotterAcclamationRepublican Nominee
Utah House 4Dan Johnson54.25%Promoted to Primary
Greg Merrill45.75%
Utah House 5Casey SniderAcclamationRepublican Nominee
Utah Senate 17Clark Neil Davis54%Promoted to Primary
Scott Sandall46%
County Council,
Northeast District
Gina WorthenAcclamationRepublican Nominee
County Council,
Logan Seat 3
Paul BorupAcclamationRepublican Nominee
County Council,
Southeast District
Gordon Zilles70.2%Republican Nominee
Mike Johnson29.8% 
County AttorneyJames SwinkAcclamationRepublican Nominee
County Clerk/AuditorJill ZollingerAcclamationRepublican Nominee
County ExecutiveCraig ButtarsAcclamationRepublican Nominee
County SheriffChad JensenAcclamationRepublican Nominee
SeatCandidateVote %Convention Result

Leadership of the Cache County Republican Party

All are two-year terms. For information on duties, please see Leadership Duties.